woot.woodardj Day 3: disc golf set


Finally one that should get some good traction here in Boulder!

I love Ulty, and because of this, a former coworker tried to turn me
on to Disc Golf. She even went to far as to give me an old set of
discs so we could play on the ad-hoc course outside the office.

Turns out it’s fun while playing hooky post-lunch with coworkers, but
otherwise, I hate it. It’s a cute concept, but in the end, not for me.

There are 7 discs in the set, a wide array of types. I don’t know
anything about what’s here, other than the fact that it’s some drivers
and some putters, and some are overbalanced, and some are
underbalanced. Or something.

UPDATE: The putter is Chicago-bound for Curtis H., the rest are headed to those crazy hippies in Tucson via Cassie VG. Yay! New life for old toys.