woot.woodardj Day 2: BePuzzled puzzle

Today’s Give-Away/Throw-Away item was acquired at a yard sale across the street from the house I own in Michigan. When I saw it, I thought “Hey! I love jigsaw puzzles from BePuzzled!” So I grabbed it immediately. (After being assured by the sale-holders that all of the pieces were, indeed, present)

Alas, I have never actually put this together. It seems likely that toys operate under a similar philosophy to cycling’s “the worst thing you can do to a bike it is not ride it,” so I have, in fact, inflicted the worst abuse possible on this puzzle.

It’s from BePuzzled “Buried Blueprints” series, and is about Amelia Earhart’s final flight. Won’t someone give this puzzle a happier home?


UPDATE: Taken by Marissa B. to give Matt as a gift for Chinese New Years!