Big News 2019!

Holy shit y’all there was so much exciting news in the last few months I totally forgot to even post about it here! Here’s the update:

Last summer, I got two games under contract — I wasn’t totally clear on what the rules were about discussing what and with whom, in case things fell through or they needed to make drastic changes and a bunch of posts from me might have muddied the marketing waters… but anyway. They’ve both been nearly finalized, announced, and are releasing next month at GenCon!

The first one signed, during Geekway to the West 2018, Potemkin Empire (which I’ve written about several times before) is coming out from Indie Boards & Cards, after a successful Kickstarter in March. They’ve done an amazing job finding solutions for some of the rough edges I handed over (scoring half points for certain things… what??) and they’ve found an amazing Ukrainian artist who really hit the 1700s Imperial Russia aesthetic. 😘👌

Frickin’ look at it:

Then, a few months later, at Origins, Renegade saw my trick taking / time travel game and picked it up! It’s called Time Chase, and Renegade has given me a great window into their process, and let me contribute a lot along the way. They also selected an amazing illustrator to do the artwork 😍 

Both of these will be dropping at GenCon 2019, which I sadly, will not be able to attend, but go check them out! They should also both be hitting retail shortly afterward, in case Indianapolis isn’t your bag.

I can’t wait to see these out in the wild!