Took/taking a little break?

Seems like I accidentally took a little hiatus from board game design, and sort of from board gaming more generally, even my podcast queue is pretty deep with episodes of board game shows I’ve skipped past recently. Though I went to a bunch of game nights in Stockholm (great Meetup, btw), I haven’t really been pushing forward on too many projects, and the several that I do have in flight, I haven’t made the time to work on them. So other than the barest efforts at helping IB&C and Renegade push Potemkin Empire and Time Chase, I’ve sort of stepped away, and I’m getting okay with that.

I’m headed to Essen next week, and I might try and grab a couple of meetings to pitch Harris Hawks (I just got a new copy from The Game Crafter via Component Studio with recent updates based on playtesting), but other than that, I’m just going to try and meet up with some friends and hang out, and get back around to designing when the urge hits me again.

It feels weird to be pressing pause right now, because I have a few designs I’m ragingly excited about, some of which have really innovative ideas baked in that I’m nervous that other designers are circling, and I’ll potentially be devastated if I get scooped on them, but I’ll deal with that when (if) it happens.

I think I just need to fully relax into the hiatus for a second in order to get fully excited to start hammering away again.