woot.woodardj Day 1: Caller ID

The first item up for grabs is a land-line Caller ID unit from Radioshack. It was given to me by a dear former coworker on her last day before she quit. It has saved many units of sanity by protecting its owners from mindless callers.

Sadly, this life-saving device has been languishing in my closet for quite some time now. I’m pretty sure it runs on magic instead of electricity, because I haven’t plugged it in in almost four years. It actually still has accurate EDT time, and had 70 old phone numbers stored in it until last night. I’m throwing in the pictured rj12 (telephone) cord so you’ll be good to go right away.

If you have a landline phone without caller ID, you want this, because I’m sure you get calls from people you don’t have time to talk to. Be the first to comment by email/facebook/twitter/posterous, and it’s yours. If there are no takers, or alternate suggestions for a resting place for it by midnight tonight, it’s getting pitched.


UPDATE: No takers! To the rubbish bin!