woot.woodardj Day 4: 2-port KVM switch

Hey hey hey! Day 4 and we have some awesome computer equipment. This is a Startech KVM switch, for VGA displays and USB keyboards/mice. If you’re not down with all those TLAs, it basically will let you run two computers from one display and keyboard. It will work for older displays, and newer keyboards. (And it’s powered, so there’s hardly any video-signal degradation.)

This type of thing is usually more common in small-scale server rooms; I first bought it my first summer of contracting, when I had my personal computer, plus a client’s workstation at my desk, but no room for a second display or keyboard.

Does anyone run desktop computers anymore? (that aren’t iMacs?) I’m not even sure. If this will de-clutter your desk, please take it! Also if you know of a good place to dispose of this in the event of no takers, please let me know that as well.