First Ride on the Snow Tires!

As it snowed yesterday, I realized it was time to step out to the LBS and pick up a new pair of tires for the winter haul.  I picked up a set of Kenda Small Block 8s and got them installed without issue.  Inconsistently slushy and wet this morning, they were troopers throughout, though my somewhat aggressive gear ratio may end up being a hair too high for my climbs, especially when it gets slippery.  There were parts of the neighborhood with muck bordering on the “breakaway brown snow” which is, deceptively, always the scariest stuff.  Those spots will probably develop it pretty badly by January, and we’ll get to see how serious these tires really are.

Also today, the 5 passed me about as close as anything ever has, which was pretty terrifying… then it waited for me to pass at the next bus stop.  That thing is going to kill me one of these days.