Dropped a chain

Which is quite an accomplishment on a singlespeed, I contest. In fairness, it’s been sagging a bit for over a week now, so the blame falls entirely on me.

I was dodging and weaving through the detritus left on Packard after the snowthaw this week, and came to a particularly dilapidated spot (basically the whole block between Hill and Division.) I took the lane and was presented with a more deadly pothole. Puma-like reflexes prevented a Land of the Lost-style plummet into the past, but I think the quick course adjustment is what set bad things in motion.

From the Thompson light to the Division light, my poor bike was making some sort of horrible noise. It sounded like a rubbing brake disc, so spun the wheel to test it out. It was still making the noise, but I figured it would get me in to work without issue. I’m not sure when exactly it happened, but crossing Division, I was suddenly spinning out like crazy. I looked down in mild panic — and ah, yes, chain knotted around crank. I coasted to the crosswalk, got off, and examined the situation. Some sort of mechanical cat’s cradle, it seemed. If there hadn’t been a hearty drizzle going, I would have pulled out my phone to snap a shot. Now I wish I had. I turned the cranks back once, but it was still a mess, so I began walking.

Half a block later, I realized it was foolish to give up on it for two reasons: 1) without a cassette or jockey wheels to tangle on, more backpedaling should clear up the knot, and 2) if it were capable of falling off it must be able to just fall back on. Correct on both counts, I was able to nudge it back around the chainring and finish the ride in. Delicately.

Who doesn’t like a touch of excitement on a soggy day?