The Great Netflix Experiment

I’ve just dropped two different Netflix discs into two different mailboxes:  One here at the office, the other down the street at the USPS office. I’m curious which will be delivered to the Lansing facility the fastest. The one downstairs is clearly more convenient, however, I’ve noticed a slightly longer-than-usual turnaround time on movies since I’ve been using it. The Blue Box at the USPS office, on the other hand, is somewhat less convenient, though sports “Pickup Times” of 1:00pm and 5:00pm. Will making the early pickup time get my disc home faster? I will post the results as soon as I know them.

The contenders:

Monk Season 1, Disc 1: USPS facility, Fifth & Liberty.

Burn Notice Season 1, Disc 1: Office mailbox, 100 block of S. Fifth Ave.


Update — Feb 25:


So, the results are in, and they are somewhat staggering (though not particularly surprising)

I think this screen cap from this morning (Feb 25) sums it up best:

Results of the Netflix experiment — Psych Season 1 Disc 2 arrives before Burn Notice Season 1 Disc 1.

“But wait!” You may say — “‘Psych Season 1, Disc 2′ wasn’t even a contender! What exactly are you trying to pull here?” 

Well, here’s what happened. We finished watching the second Psych disc Monday night. I took it to work with me, and dropped it in the blue box on the corner of Main & Washington on my way to the Y at 12:15 on Tuesday, the 24th.

Moral of the story: USPS blue boxes categorically thump the mailbox in the office lobby, hands down. If you beat the 1pm pickup. In Round 2, I’ll be pitting discs left in my mailbox at home (8am) against the reigning champs.