woot.woodardj Day 7: Woot Off!! — “Geek Week”

Holy crap, it’s a wootoff! Got a whole slew of smaller, hyper-geeky things today.

First up, the newest (most recently acquired) item we’re going to see this month: A Dr. Who In My Pocket!! This this is awesome — it makes 6 Dr. Who-related noises, including a bunch of trash-talking by Daleks, and the TARDIS sound. I’m pretty sure I don’t appreciate this nearly as much as I should, so it’s basically clutter (Sorry Jay! It was a great popper-prize, but it’s gotta go :-P)

UPDATE: Taken! @theroseinbloom leapt on this in record time.

Second, a “Binary Clock” from Think Geek! Befuddle your non-nerd guests with this elegant timepiece! It counts out the time of day in binary in columns of LEDs. 

UPDATE: Taken! Can’t say who-to yet, because it was for a Valentine’s Day gift 🙂

Last, a bumper sticker from… some amusement park. A classic “My Other Vehicle Is…” with an awesomely Skywalker twist. Artoo unit not included.

UPDATE: Taken! @Jim_Shook was totally stoked about this. Awesome.

Alright! All three of these walked out the door! Batting average is getting better!