The Big Move

On the first of the year, Andrea and I are packing up for a year abroad — we’re going to check out a few places we’ve enjoyed visiting and see what it’s like to ‘live there’ for a bit (6 weeks in most places).

I’ll still be working on game designs while we travel, so I’m working out the best way to transport all my tabletop prototyping components. I’m also going to use this time of location and capacity constraint to try and work on streamlining some of my design/test/pitching systems, like putting together video pitches & play-throughs to get my designs in front of more potential publishers, figuring out playtesting pipelines… including things like drop-shipping Gamecrafter copies to testers, trying out Coalition Game testing services again, or taking a run at setting up Tabletop Simulator prototypes to try out an online playtesting thing with a few designs.

Roughly, our itinerary includes: Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Ireland, Stockholm, Berlin, and Croatia. If you know board gamers, or designers, or really anyone great we should meet up with in one of those places, leave a comment and lets connect!

I’m also excited because this opens up access to some new conventions for me — specifically I’m planning on attending UK Games Expo and Essen Spiel Tage, since they’ll be nearby.

I’ll be posting here about that process and how it’s going. We’ll also be posting about the trip itself over on our travel blog, and on our instagram feeds.