Six Years of CrossFit

Today marks my six year anniversary of joining the Crossfit cult. Neile took me to a free “drop-in” class Dec 26 2006 after a day of making cookies and watching Die Hard. Two months later (Feb 19 2007), I bought my first batch of kool-aid. I signed up up for the “One Day a Week” plan, with the Ann Arbor Triathlon Club discount that Hyperfit USA used to offer: $50/mo.

This was our WOD:

Push Press: 20
Row PU: 10
Push Jerk: 20
Row PU: 10
Front Squat: 20
Row PU: 10
Thruster: 20
Row PU: 10
Lunging Thruster: Distance

I probably used 20# dumbbells, but I have no idea what my time was, or what “Distance” means. (I’m guessing it’s the length of the gym pre-renovation, ~20m). Maybe I’ll try this one again at Roots‘ Open Shop.

Dec 26 2006 1830


There’s always a lot of talk around Crossfit being life changing and the like, but that’s all been said by many people, so I won’t harp on it. There’s also a lot I could say about specific coaches, or workouts, or whatever. Another time, perhaps.

Instead I’ll just say “Thanks” to everyone who’s helped make my Crossfit career a success: Doug, MOB, and Jeff for doing their best to fix my squat; the Hyperfit 0600 crew for pushing me past my limits; Emilie for putting up with me waking at 5:30am to go “boot campin'”; Nicole, Eric, Shane, Zac, and the rest of the Roots crew for making me feel at home in Boulder; Andrea for getting after it with me every week and pushing me to compete; and Neile above all, for making the intro. 🙂