Me, give up on a prescriptive rule of grammar? Say it ain’t so.

Just read this today (via Flipboard on my brand-spankin' new iPad… thanks SendGrid!):

"Logical punctuation: Should we start placing commas outside quotation marks?"

Which I initially opened in distaste, because this is one of my favorite niggling grammar rules[1], but by the end, I'd been convinced. While I still agree that the American convention "looks better" visually, (Which is, incidentally, the reason I made the move from two-space full-stops to one-space.) the notion of keeping string literals pristine invokes something warm deep within my programmer heart.

On top of this, I can vaguely recall a number of occasions in the last few months where I've been vexed by attempting to use a full or partial quotation in a comment or tweet where my aim was to ask my own question about it, only to run into problems.

So, in conclusion, this is going to be a really hard shift for me to make (it will probably take me twice as long to make myself click the "Tweet" button as I wince at the way it looks), but I think it will ultimately be a good one. [2]

[1] Who am I kidding? I love them all equally.
[2] Yep, that stung a little bit.