Ironman Coeur d’Alene: 6 weeks from yesterday.

Swim: BAM workout. Remembered why I've been avoiding endurance athletes all summer. Annoying woman in my lane was short on etiquette and long on "questioning the coach's workout."
Got worked on by Jess. Totally wiped out later, passed out and missed both the scheduled bikeride AND Games Night.

Discovered MacGyver was on Netflix Watch Instantly. Awesome Tabata watching
Bike: 10:00 w/u 5 rounds of Tabata (8s, natch), 10:00 w/d
Run: CFE workout. 10:00/5:00 x 2, 2:00/1:00 x 2

Swim: 250 w/u; 12 50s on the :50, 6 100s on the 1:50; 200 for time.
Water felt like molases. 200 came in at 3:20.

Crossfit: Box Jumps, Power Snatch, Pullups, 21, 15, 9.
Brick! 18mi/2.23mi
Made me miss the A2TriClub's Thursday brick 🙁

Saturday & Sunday
A couple of days off for a trip to Cheyenne to watch Marissa's Wreckin' Rebel Rollers beat up on the Capidoll Punishers.

Not sure yet… Normally monday is a glorious rest day, but I've already had two of those this weekend. And there are lots of meetings today to schedule around.