The Book List

An old friend recently asked for a reading list reco after I made an offhanded reference to Bacigalupi’s Wind Up Girl. Here’s my top 5, a combination of perennial favorites and some new hotness, presented in no particular order:

* Wool —Hugh Howey
* Anathem — Neal Stephenson
* The Windup Girl — Paolo Bacigalupi
* Cryptonomicon — Neal Stephenson
* The Forever War — Joe Haldeman

And I have to include this, because I love the premise, setting, characters, and storyline, but it didn’t make the list because my memory of it is a little tarnished when (in my opinion) the ending falls a little flat:

* The Difference Engine — Bruce Sterling and William Gibson

I guess these all have a sci-fi flavor to them in one way or another. Maybe I’ll do another Book List for other genres.