The Book List

An old friend recently asked for a reading list reco after I made an offhanded reference to Bacigalupi’s Wind Up Girl. Here’s my top 5, a combination of perennial favorites and some new hotness, presented in no particular order:

* Wool —Hugh Howey
* Anathem — Neal Stephenson
* The Windup Girl — Paolo Bacigalupi
* Cryptonomicon — Neal Stephenson
* The Forever War — Joe Haldeman

And I have to include this, because I love the premise, setting, characters, and storyline, but it didn’t make the list because my memory of it is a little tarnished when (in my opinion) the ending falls a little flat:

* The Difference Engine — Bruce Sterling and William Gibson

I guess these all have a sci-fi flavor to them in one way or another. Maybe I’ll do another Book List for other genres.

Once Upon a Friday at Flixmaster

At Flixmaster my development team uses a group chat application called Flowdock to collaborate and discuss bugs and features; basically it helps keep us all on the same page.

does anyone think lori's bug might be due to the same reason the vids are choppy?
not sure tho
bc i got it to work one time and that was when i hit the replay button
which makes me think that it's one of those issues with grabbing the data from amazone
I'm in the ZONE... AMA-zone!!
It'll be a new hit by Kenny Loggins
Highway to the AMAZONE

Revvin' up your javascript engine
Listen to her html5 roar
Chrome under tension
Beggin' you to click and go

Highway to the amazone
Right into the amazone

It’s very handy.