BareBones Open Water Swim


Pretty cool little race at the Boulder Res this morning, put on by BAM. 1 mile swim loop, with the option to do one or two laps.

Wanted to make it a full-on gear check for Coeur d’Alene, but the water was a little warm to justify the doofy neoprene swimcap. Though I would have looked awesome in that plus the sleeveless Farmer John.

524.67°R is still pretty chilly, though (65°F for you stubborn Americans). Basically gasp-reflex every time I put my face in the water. Can’t wait to drop 15° off that for the race.

I’m still pretty terrible at sighting, so I may end up swimming 3 miles on the 26th :). Though at the end, my 310xt said I’d gone 2.09, so perhaps things wen’t better than they felt.

Was pretty convinced I’d be the last one out of the water, when the field thinned out around me, and the 1-milers started passing me. Then I ended up passing someone on the final stretch. Managed to beat him out of the water, then I saw that there were still about ten folks still swimming. Whew.

Chatting with the guy I passed, forgot to stop the Garmin promptly. Official time was around 1:06:30. Garmin was about a minute longer. Sweet.