Announcing Mobility on Demand!

Over the last year, Andrea and I have been hard at work building a project which has been a dream of mine for a while, but she has really pushed it to fruition.

Mobility… outside the box.

We’re thrilled to announce “Mobility on Demand” — a set of well-organized cards for optimizing your mobility work either during Open Shop at your local box, or on the go while on a trip. Unlike a smart phone, they’re immune to dropping, and not scared of falling kettlebells or barbells. Also unlike a smartphone app, you can shuffle and sort according to the body parts you need to work on the most or …coming soon!… the equipment you have available. (Our initial offering includes only exercises which can be performed with no equipment.)

It’s been a really fun experience working through all the challenges associated with this type of project: Design revisions, working with the print shop, consulting with domain experts on the movements themselves, and how to market to Crossfit affiliates.

While I’ve been taking on the Production, e-Commerce, and Business Operations side, there are only two of us, so I’ve gotten to work closely with Andrea on the Design, Project Management, Marketing, Advertising, and PR side of things as well, which is always great experience for someone of the Engineering persuasion.

Our site is live for pre-orders as of today, so you should definitely go buy a set for yourself, and one for each of your WOD-inclined buddies.