Yearly Goals 2016 Edition: In OKR Form

Goals are back… in OKR form!
Goals are back… in OKR form!

I’ve fairly well documented my feelings on resolutions, and focusing on New Years in general, so I won’t rehash it. Instead, I’ll present publicly, with little commentary, my goals for 2016. After wrangling an (as usual) too-long list of things I wanted to accomplish, I realized that they fit into several basic themes. At the same time, I was working through assembling my departmental OKRs for Rapt Media, and it dawned on me that while somewhat “corporatey” for personal goals, it might be an effective vehicle for framing things in 2016. However, I’m cheating a little, because some Os and some KRs are for 2016 overall, and some are for 1H2016. There are also a few Key Results I’ve left without actual metrics. It’s a process 🙂

Here they are:

  • Objective 1: Personal Growth (or something like it)
    • Key result: Replace at least 1/mo staple items with updates.
    • Key result: Smile more. (Hard to measure… anyone have ideas?)
    • Key result: Learn German. (Measure with DuoLingo Progress, eventually benchmark by conversing with a native speaker)
    • Key result: Spend only [specific percent]% of monthly take-home.
  • Objective 2: Make Rapt Media an awesome place (I got pretty specific with some internals I can’t share publicly)
    • Key result: Keep team happy and grow it.
    • Key result: 2…
    • Key result: 3…
  • Objective 3: Sow the seeds of Empire for Flightless.Co
    • Key result: Ship one game in Q1.
    • Key result: Seize ‘agency’ regarding Valour publishing.
    • Key result: Get “Project T” out the door and acquire some users.
  • Objective 4: “Beach Bod 2016”. I spend dozens of hours a month Crossfitting; might as well look the part.
    • Key result: 3 on / 1 off WODs
    • Key result: 1 GHD day / week
    • Key result: 1 mobility day / week
  • Objective 5: Push Mobility on Demand to self-sufficiency
    • Key result: Land a distribution partner
    • Key result: Sell original break even number on owned & operated site

Soon I’ll round up the 2015 wins and losses and share that too. Thanks for reading, y’all. Posting these in public is uncomfortable, but it’s good to feel a sense of obligation to deliver after doing so.