Yearly Goals 2015 Edition

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.

—Bill Copeland

I know a lot of folks who poo-poo “New Years resolutions”, and with good reason. Firstly, New Years itself is fairly arbitrary: there’s nothing intrinsically special about one spot in the Earth’s trip around the Sun compared to another (well, there are technically two unique places, but New Years is neither of them) and secondly, and more importantly, they don’t actually work.

But what to do, then? I tend to think that while yes, the exact time and cycle is somewhat arbitrary, it’s as good as any other gradation to put down a flag and to take stock of the horizon. I also tend to think that resolutions fail because of how they’re defined (“lose weight”, “eat better”, etc.), more than any other structural weakness.

So my answer to this is yearly goals. Every December, I look back at the current year and take stock of how I feel about what I’ve accomplished. From there, I mentally project to the next December, and decide how I *want* to feel about the year, and what things would make me feel that way. Then I draw straight lines from points A to points B.

“What the hell,” you say. “It’s February. A little late for this post, don’t you think?” And you’re partly right. But here in week 6 of 52 is when things start to get difficult, so I’m making a public commitment to the 2015 goals I’ve laid out, so I have extra incentive to avoid looking like an asshole if I start getting lazy (in a future post, I’ll talk about the other accountability methods I have in place as well).

So here’s what I’m committing to this year. Expect more detail on each of these things in the coming weeks and months:

  • Valour
    • Launch this new project with two adventures.
  • Mobility on Demand
    • Sell out our first run of inventory.
    • Get our second product underway.
  • Ignite Ticket Swap
  • Travel to Sweden
    • For years I’ve been fantasizing about a really unique trip to Sweden, and this year it’s finally going to happen.
  • blog (here!)
    • Weekly posts.
  • Crossfit
    • Sub-7 minute “Annie (Nailed it Jan 13!)
    • Clean & Jerk 225# (Gotta clean up the clean form a little and I’m sure it’s there.)
    • Muscle Ups (Need to speed up the transition.)
    • Pistols (Ankle flexibility is the pits.)
  • Financial
    • Eradicate the last of my debts.
    • Rescue my Michigan house from the piece of shit bank that owns the mortgage on it.