Vercingetorix on NPR! The guy, not my game ;)

Valour sneak peek

My number one objective this holiday break was to make some definitive progress on the next revision of my board game about Gaul. I researched a lot of battle locations, tuned a lot of game mechanics, assembled a folding cardboard base to mount the next prototype board, and sat down to redesign the board from the ground up. My Illustrator skills are dusty as ever, but I’ve got a new draft I’m really happy with, which I will be sending to the printer on Thursday. It will be ready to playtest again soon, so if you’ve ever volunteered to do so, get ready!

In the meantime, check out this NPR piece on the hero and the culture that inspired the game:

How Gaul-ing! Celebrating France’s First Resistance Fighter : NPR. (via Andrea)

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