Short Story RPG Launched!

A world of adventure, right from your dining room table.

Posting a little late again this week… but it’s been a pretty crazy week!

I rebuild the lead-gen page for Valour, now that I’ve spent the time to put together a lot of the backstory and details, but more importantly…

I just flipped the switch last night on a brand-new website for one of the projects I’ve been cooking quietly over the last year!

Short Story RPG

It’s based on the premise that role playing games are actually a really cool medium for storytelling and human interaction, but complex rules, over-the-top themes, and difficulties with scheduling long-running campaigns all conspire to scare many people off.

I’m working with some really talented people for the adventure stories we’re developing: First out the gate are Matt Graham from Denver, and Charles Reid from Atlanta, who are writing and illustrating the first adventure that will hit the shelves.

Adventures are $13.99 on presale, and play 4–5 people, taking on the role of either narrator (which we’re calling the StoryMaster) or a Character in the story. A group should be able to wrap up a story in under 200 minutes, making it a perfect activity for a snowy or rainy evening, or after the meal at a dinner party. (Anyone remember dinner party murder mystery games?)

I’m really excited to get this out there. Expect more updates as production concludes on the first stories, and there are a few other talented writers in the wings who will be getting stories together very soon.