Don’t Go In The Water

During Dave’s gambit to trick Emilie and I into signing up for the American Zofingen, he cited an unlikely collusion of nature’s fury as reason to avoid New Orleans 70.3:

Now I will have nightmares about tidal waves infested with sharks coming after me. Probably with alligators on their backs. And balls of fire ants in their mouths.

I decided I should commission a rendition of this situation by my fantastic artist friend Charles. For good measure, I asked to have included Dave’s NYC nemesis, jellyfish.  The results are stunning:

A summary of Dave's stated swim fears
Alligators riding sharks, breathing fireants. In a tidal wave. With Jellyfish. (click to enlarge)

 Thanks Charles!  If you’re in the Atlanta area and need illustration, animation, design, or life coaching, make sure you check out his site.