For a few months now, I’ve been beta testing, and then playing, a game my friend has been working on: Captionable. It’s like Instagram + Wheel of Fortune, which of course leads itself to some mad punning, so I’m clearly hooked. Like any social app, the quality of the content you find is going to be based on who you follow, luckily they’ve got some in-game systems in place to help you find the best feeds. (Unlike Twitter when you have a fresh account… “you probably want to follow Kludgy Kardashian”… yeah nope.)

Here’s a live peek into my feed; I’m harassing them to make some changes to this widget, but for now it links to the playable caption on the web version of their app:
Can you guess the caption?

It’s coming along really nicely, and there’s a pretty rad in-game community springing up. Obviously this is a somewhat shameless plug since it’s a good friend of mine on the team, but I do objectively think it’s definitely worth your time to check out, doubly so if you’re a word nerd. Find me in-game and guess all my puzzles, dammit!