PX #2: The Familiarity Spectrum

This is an installment in a multi-part essay covering board game “Player Experience” or “PX”¬†I highly recommend you start at the beginning, but it’s certainly not required ūüôā

The experience a Player has with your game is going to vary based on a lot of factors.¬†Imagine someone brand new to your game. Thay have no familiarity with any aspect of it, though¬†perhaps they have seen the box. Maybe they have read the rules, but there’s no¬†way to know. At the other extreme, lies you, the designer. You’re not only familiar with all the aspects, but also the history of each component, and the full evolution¬†of each mechanic and each system. Anyone who sits down to experience your game is going to¬†fall somewhere¬†along this spectrum of familiarity. Continue reading