Ignite Ticket Swap Postmortem: Ignite 24

Another Ignite Boulder sell-out can only mean one thing: A busy December for Ignite Ticket Swap! If you’ve never heard of Ticket Swap, you can read a bit about it here.

Yule Ball Ticket Swapping by the numbers:

# of people asking for a ticket: 75
# of people who posted extra tickets: 13
# of swaps brokered: 15

I definitely attribute these larger-than-ever numbers to some great marketing help from the Ignite Boulder crew; as soon as tickets sold out, they were sending people my way. This boon didn’t come without challenges, however. Continue reading

Featured on BLDRPPL

BLDRPPL_squareRecently my friend Sean Helvey asked me to participate in his upstart podcasting project, BLDRPPL. While he iterates on the exact format, his consistent overarching theme is is “people you admire in Boulder”.

As he and I were discussing the episode I would be on, he asked me to invite someone who fit that criteria. After some deliberation, I decided the person I ought to bring with me was Jared Kohlmann. Jared owns an incredible camera-equipment rental company called Pro Photo Rental, and participated in the GoRuck Challenge with me. All around incredible dude.

We met at the Rapt Media office, and I blabbed at the mic, while everyone else tried to get a word in edgewise. Jared had some incredible insights on life, business, and pushing yourself.

I mentioned BLDRPPL on my podcast rundown two weeks ago, and it’s definitely one I’d recommend going back and starting at the beginning when you jump in (there are only a few episodes yet, so that’s a pretty easy lift… for now).

Go check out my episode, then subscribe and start working on the backlog! Worth your time!

Thanks Sean & Briana for having me on, and thanks for joining, Jared!

Ignite Ticket Swap

Hey hey! Ignite Boulder 23 is upon us, which means that before long, there will be folks out there in need of Ignite Ticket Swap. I originally built Ignite Ticket Swap for Ignite Boulder 21, and over the course of two events, it’s now helped ten slackers who missed the ticket buying window 🙂

As we wait for the last ticket to be sold, let’s see what’s new for Ignite 23…

  • Far and away the most requested feature is “cancel” a listing — either an Extra ticket or a Need for a ticket. That’s finally possible.
  • It now  asks users to confirm before making an offer. This ought to cut down on awkward “oops I didn’t mean to swap that to you” messages.
  • After someone posts an extra ticket, we will ping them when new asks arise. This should help make sure anyone who is trying to unload a ticket has the best chance of doing so.

What features do you want to see for Ignite Boulder 24? I love the response this thing has gotten from the Ignite Boulder community, and I want it to be as useful as possible. By that same token, do you know of another event that sells out which might benefit from this? Post to comments or reach out to me (@woodardj) on Twitter!